A New Explanation for the Big Bang Mechanism from Creation to Explosion

As mentioned in the previous articles, the formation of the Universe begins with the Big Bang phenomenon. The Big Bang is a periodic motion, like a planet that starts its movement from one point and returns to the initial point after a complete period, which we name a Cycle period (like a year).

So, in the Big Bang phenomenon, the Universe stretches in all directions like a spring and reaches its maximum radius, then passes along the returning path and arrives at the starting point.

In the forward path, the Universe expands with two linear and rotational movements. In linear motion due to its negative acceleration, it reaches a point at which the linear velocity is zero (return point). But according to Hubble's law, its rotational speed value is always positive and increasing.

Explanation for the Big Bang mechanism:

The important point is that the kinetic energy of the Big Bang is caused by an impulse. It can be said that a set of compacted masses in a central point, called the center of the Big Bang, impulse each other and the reaction of that is the beginning of the explosion of the extremely compacted mass of the Big Bang.

The Big Bang phenomenon has about three stages:

1. First stage: The first collision in which the objects, which are usually black holes, etc., collide and create a larger mass called "Dense Giant Super Black Hole". This mass has a very high initial speed, which sinks inward due to collision with the high speed objects and gravity, and its volume reaches about a percentage of the volume of the Moon (little-moon).

2. Second stage: In this stage, we have an extremely compacted mass with a density of about 1050 π‘˜π‘”/π‘š3, which returns in some extent and its volume, becomes a value higher than the volume of the Moon and its density will be about 1040 π‘˜π‘”/π‘š3. At this moment, the Big Bang phenomenon begins for a huge explosion.

3. Third stage: In fact, it can be said that its dimension is slightly larger than the Moon, and it could not be able to maintain its structure longer. So, it undergoes a very intense explosion, which is the beginning of the expansion of the Universe.

The objects that are separated from that huge explosion are: black holes, protons and electrons. The released protons and electrons form the basic structure of the hydrogen atom. In fact, it can be said that the cosmic dusts or gases are the same hydrogen atoms. At this stage, the Universe is dark because no light is released. To emit light, dusts (gases) are compressed together and form stars. Then black holes and stars, form galaxies.

New Proof to Confirm the Hubble’s Experimental Law

By Using Physical and Mathematical Laws

Based on the structure of universe, which has a voluminous and spherical shape; it can be written the velocity equation of the universe and its components as follows:

Total velocity of each celestial object = Rotational velocity + Linear velocity

𝑉→𝑇 = π‘‰β†’π‘Ÿ + 𝑉→𝑙

β‡’ 𝑉→𝑇 = ( πœ”β†’ Γ— π‘Ÿβ†’ ) + 𝐿→

Considering the structure of Prof. Hubble's formula, it can be concluded that the galaxies that move in direction of a similar πœ” (same direction) have zero relative linear velocity.

New Proof to Confirm the Hubble’s Experimental Law By Using Physical and Mathematical Laws

It means that the velocity of all galaxies on the same radiant, increase or decrease simultaneously. So for all galaxies you see in the figure, we have:

𝑉→𝑇 = πœ”β†’ Γ— π‘Ÿβ†’ β‡’ |𝑉→𝑇| = |πœ”β†’| Γ— |π‘Ÿβ†’| β‡’ 𝑉 = πœ” . π‘Ÿ

𝑉𝐻 = 𝐻 . 𝐷

In fact, it can be said that Hubble's law shows the algebraic value of the rotational velocity of celestial objects in universe.

Proof of the Rotation of the Nuclei of Atoms Using the Law of Conservation of Energy and Momentum

Method 1

Due to what was noted in previous articles including proof of emission of photons from electrons and the formation of protons and electrons from photons, the following relations can be written:

Proof of the Rotation of the Nuclei of Atoms Using the Law of Conservation of Energy and Momentum

Where ,𝑀𝑃, π‘šπ‘ π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ 𝑀𝑒 are the mass of proton, photon and electron. Now we calculate the energy of each side of (1):

Proof of the Rotation of the Nuclei of Atoms Using the Law of Conservation of Energy and Momentum

According to the equation, It can be concluded that based on the law of conservation of energy; the amount of energy of a proton is equal to the mass of it multiplies 𝐢2. It means that the nuclei of atoms that are the location of protons, rotates at the speed of light "C".

Method 2

If we impact a motionless mass and pieces detach from it, these detached pieces will fall next to the mass, but if we do with a rotating mass at high speed (for example, a piece of wood that is rotating at high speed), any piece that is separated from it will inevitably have a projectile motion. On the other hand, If we consider nuclear fission, in which the nucleus of an atom splits into two or more smaller nuclei, photons, etc., we can say that in the fission of a nucleus with a set of protons, we have:

Proof of the Rotation of the Nuclei of Atoms Using the Law of Conservation of Energy and Momentum

So, it can be deduced that if the nuclei of the atoms have no motion, after impact, its remnants would fall next to it. But if the nuclei of the atoms have spins at high speed, any pieces that are separated from it would inevitably have a projectile motion.

In other words, in the nuclei of atoms, the separated particles, as a result of the explosion, can be thrown out with the speed of light "C" due to the high speed rotation of the nucleus. In fact the initial speed of all separated particles is caused by protons and neutrons that are inside the nucleus and are rotating at a speed of light "C".

Saleh Theory
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The Contradiction Between Einstein's and Planck’s Formulae to Calculate the Energy of the Photon

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It is clear that, when a light spectrum or an object enters from a vacuum to a denser medium, such as air, the velocity of that will surely decrease, and the denser the media, the greater the change in velocity and kinetic energy. It should be noted that when a photon enters a denser medium from the air, such as water or glass, the photon Impulse the media and also that media impulse the photon which causes the refraction of light. To put in another way, the impulse changes the direction of light.
According to the rotational motion of a photon, in which the component of the velocity vector are in the direction of linear motion (v ͈ ) and perpendicular to it ( v ̝ ), the change in velocity is also like that and it would not effect on its gyroradius. As a result, the R will not change so the wavelength will be constant. Thus, our changes are only in the change of the frequency ( f=v⁄λ). The important point is that the velocity of the photon depends on that media, and if the media decreases the photon velocity, the initial velocity of photons for the next medium is the last velocity in the previous medium.
Attention: If a light spectrum enters or exits a denser medium perpendicularly, refraction usually does not occur and for composite light dispersion does not occur since the angle of entry and exit of light is in one direction. But if the incidence angle of composite light is acute, the dispersion of light will usually occur and the higher the light spectrum frequencies, the greater the angle of refraction of that spectrum. Like sunlight radiation to the optical prism which causes the natural (white) light being dispersion and become colored and the higher the frequency, the greater the angle of deviation.

Since the Big Bang has created both rotational and linear motion of particles, over time a centripetal force has been created. As a result of this rotation that is called a dark matter, or in our theory vivid force, suns come close together at a point which called the center (black holes) and immerge in each other, forming very large suns till they reach very high gravity and very high density, which actually called the black hole.

Saleh Theory: Initial explanation Several batches of photons had collided at one point, had behaved according to the impulse theory and the Big Bang has occurred, which will be explained in our articles in the near future.

According to what has been said about dark energy (https://youtu.be/YWgiB0hhnNw) dark energy is the remaining of the Big Bang (Big Bang is a sudden and intense explosion of the universe at one point). And in fact, at beginning the celestial objects had very very high accelerated motion and over time, after billions of years, electrons, protons, suns and galaxies have been created and some of the energy had been consumed for the production of them. After that very high acceleration period, the world has reached a balance and relative homogeneity. In fact, from the Big Bang time, the world has begun to tear, and over time, this discontinuity has reached to a closeness, homogeneous and balance. It should be noted that the beginning time of homogeneity and equilibrium in the world is the beginning time of the creation of dark energy.

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