One Plus Ten Motions of Photon

One Plus Ten Motions of Photon

One plus ten motions of photon

If we consider the solar system, we will find out that the moon turns around the Earth, as the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way. The sun has two distinct motions, one around its own axis and the other around the center of the Milky Way. The Earth also has 3 motions: spins around its own axis, rotates around the Sun and around the center of the Milky Way concurrently. The Moon's rotation is more complex since it rotates around its own axis, around the Earth, with the Earth around the Sun and with the Earth and the Sun around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Wonderfully, whatever the object be smaller and more delicate, the numbers of its motions would be more and more, like a moving object on the moon. When an object starts moving, its motions will be added to the Moon's one.

The photon also has different motions. The external motion or the projectile, which consists of two types: a forward motion with a velocity equals to C, which is performed in 3Dimensions, And a rotational motion in two dimensional plate. So the external part of photon motion could be explained in five dimensions.

3D motion of photon

Photon has an internal motion too. This motion also includes two parts: the first one is vibrational, which leads photons to have small movements in the space and adds three more dimensions. Since other than the vibrational motion, photon moves along an indirect, closed, and tiny path, it should be added three more dimensions and allocate six dimensions to internal part of photon motion, totally. This means that the photon is traversing a closed path in 3 dimensions while vibrating in the other 3 dimensions.


Therefore, all photon motions could be defined at least in 11 dimensions

It should be noticed that the lifetime of the Angel photon is from blink of an eye up to over thirteen billion years. Also, Saleh Theory believe that what has a lifetime more than the solar system should be more premiere and superior than a simple energy quantum.

photon motion solar system energy quantum 11 dimensions center of the Milky Way

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