A New Explanation for the Nature of String and Superstring

A New Explanation for the Nature of String and Superstring

A New Explanation for the Nature of String and Superstring

According to the different definitions for String or the same “God Particle”, we can consider Photon as the String or the smallest particle in the world that has the ability to move in eleven motions. This is based on its particular movement around the nucleus of atoms that has "5+5+1" motions when separated from electrons.

External or projectile motion of photon:

The photon has also different motions. The external motion or the projectile from an electron, which consists of two types: A forward motion with a velocity equals to C, which performs in 3 dimensions, and a rotational motion in two dimensional plate. So the external motion could be explained in five dimensions.

Internal motion of photon:

Photon has an internal motion too. This motion also includes two parts: the first one is vibrational, which lead photons to have small movements in the space and adds three more dimensions. Since other than the vibrational motion, photon moves along an indirect, closed, and tiny path, it should be added three more dimensions and allocate six dimensions to its internal motion, totally. This means that the photon is traversing a closed path in 3 dimensions while vibrating in the other 3 dimensions.

Therefore, all motions of photon could be defined at least in 11 dimensions. It can be said that Photon has the ability to be String, because with this explanation, it is the best option and selection, which is actually the main nature of electrons, protons, neutrons, etc., which has eleven motions. But this Superstring must be able to justify the Big Bang phenomenon, which is actually the same sub-photon whose radius is one billionth of a photon. In fact, it can be said that the basic of the Big Bang phenomenon is the same Cidtonium that creates it.

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