Faster than Light??

Faster than Light??
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Faster than Light??

How beautiful the Universe is! Its inanimate part is beautiful, and the animated part even more so. Everywhere you look, you see extraordinary things. But you must know what you see and what you know is tiny compared to what exist in truth.

The earth rotates around itself while orbiting around the sun; so two simultaneous movements. The first with a speed of 1675 km/h causes day and night and the second, in 107200 km/h, brings us the seasons.

earth & sun

Imagine a curtain hanging from the ceiling and a thread pulled out from its fabric. You will always find them in inertia even if the Earth would turn 10 times faster because their relative speed to the Earth will remain zero.

Thus, it is necessary to know that if a certain object moves in complete vacuum without being disturbed by any internal or external force, one will not be able to capture its motion changes. For example, most meteorites may be on the road for years, but when they input to the Earth's atmosphere, they burn under the effect of an external force. So we can say that if the sum of the internal or external forces vectors about an object moving in the vacuum tends to zero, it will continue freely its way to the infinite.

Let us take a look at the Big Bang model:

An enormous force, in a very short moment, applied to a giant mass, generate an infinite acceleration. And since the acceleration tends to an unlimited value, the instantaneous velocity also tends to infinity. It can therefore be deduced that it is conceivable, at special moments or places, to reach a speed faster than light speed.

diamond sphere

It needs be specified that the energy is applied to the mass and not to the space. In other words, the mass is in space but the space, it is not inside the mass. The matter, the antimatter, the dark energy and the dark matter and all that we see are in space.

Imagine a celestial sphere of the same size as the moon but made on diamond that travels in space, on which is applied a particular force, giving it a particular acceleration and also a growing speed. Since this sphere travels its way in a vacuum and there is no disturbing external force, the speed must grow (like the Earth that, since 4 billion years, orbits around the sun because there is no friction). Moreover, taking into account the internal structure of the diamond and the sum of the internal forces vector is zero, it can be said that with such acceleration, the more time passes, the more the speed increase and exceed the light speed, without harming its structure.

Consequently, a speed faster than light one can be achieved.

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