The Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

The Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

The Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

In the name of Photon

If we consider the Solar System, we will find out that the Moon orbits around the Earth as the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Sun moves in a circular orbit around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Therefore, the Sun has two distinct motions, one around its own axis and the other around the center of the Milky Way. Moreover, the Earth is traveling around the sun and around the center of the Milky Way concurrently. The Moon's rotation is more complex since it rotates around its own axis, around the Earth, around the Sun, and around that center.

Wonderfully, the smaller the object the more delicate the numbers of its motions would be, like a moving object on the Moon. When this object starts moving, its motions will be added to the Moon's ones.

The photon also has different motions. The external motion or the projectile one from an electron consists of two types of motion namely, a forward motion with a velocity equal to C and a rotational motion with various gyroradius which causes photon to be seen in various colors. The forward motion of photon is performed in a 3-dimensional space and the rotational motion in a 2-dimensional plate. So this motion could be explained in 5 dimensions.

Photon has an internal motion too. This motion also includes two parts: the first one is vibrational, which leads photons to have small movements in the space and adds three more dimensions. Since other than the vibrational motion, photon moves along a circular indirect, closed, and tiny path, three more dimensions should be added and 6 dimensions are allocated to its internal motion, totally. Therefore, all photon motions could be defined at least in 11 dimensions.

11 dimentions of photon

It should be noticed that the lifetime of the Angel photon is from a blink of an eye up to over thirteen billion years. Also, we should consider that what has a lifetime more than the Solar System should be more premiere and superior than a simple energy quantum.

A beautiful angel photon is the creator of various states, somehow that: Visible light is a small part of the light spectrum that is produced by a single accelerated photon. A set of coherent photons in a line forms the laser beam. A set of rotating photons on a spherical surface without central core called electron. A set of compact photons in a spherical volume creates a sun called "proton". By placing proton in the center of a spherical shell, called electron, the neutron is generated. The last state is a single photon without C velocity.

As we said, photon has six dimensions in its internal motion. This means that the photon moves in a closed path in 3 dimensions while vibrating in other 3 ones.

photon & superstring

Saleh Theory believes that if we look at the internal motion of the photon, we will find out that the photon in its tiny motions, builds superstring. In fact, Superstring is another name for vibrating and rotating photon. In other words, the superstrings are photons without C velocity.

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