Were I a Photon, How Would I Perceive the World and How the World Would Perceive me?

Were I a Photon, How Would I Perceive the World and How the World Would Perceive me?
photon's motion

Were I a photon, how would I perceive the world and how the world would perceive me?

It is known from the Earth that it traverses a distance of one meter in 2.15 ✕ 10-3 seconds; or a second is the time that it takes to move 465 meter. Thus the photon moves 3 ✕ 108 meter in a second. And if we define the unit of measure on the basis of the photon’s motion, in fact a meter is the distance that the photon travels in 33.33 ✕ 10-10 seconds. It can, therefore, advance thousands of meter in a hundredth of a second.

Let us say that the photon is an object or a physical person who performs his tasks at such an incredible speed. How can he perceive, this fast and cunning photon, the rest of the world?

speed of photon

The average human walking speed is 1.2 meter per second. This means that when you take a step, this beautiful photon so fast and so clever makes about 7.5 turns around the Earth! So he sees in you only languidness and inertia. Thus all existence is in inertia regarding of the photon and every photonic second for others is conceived as hours. Actually, according to the photonic unit of measurement, time flows only through the photon's eyes.

For a major comprehension, we could give the example of the short life of the human ovum or sperm, which is extendable by freezing that let the speed of the internal interactions tend to zero and consequently, extend the duration of life for years.


Indeed, internal interactions occur more rapidly for the faster beings and vice versa. This fact causes the diminution of lifetime of some plants or animals (like fly who lives only 17 days) while some stones live billions of years because they have much slower internal interactions. The same for things done by human hands, such as high function mobile phones who are less resistant. So accordingly, the more rapid the interactions are, the less the lifetime is.

If I were a photon, my internal interactions would be measured by the photonic unit system. From my point of view, the others were all motionless and frozen like stones.

How do others perceive the photon?

Imagine yourself observing a photon that is back and forth on a line that measures thousands of meter; He crosses this long road in a hundredth of a second, but you, at each glance, you will find him motionless because of extravagant speed of photon. In fact, you cannot follow the photon’s motion and you only see some images representing each phase of movement without being able to distinguish one from the other. You find the photon permanently still as he finds you.

photon & I

When a human takes a step, photon makes about 7.5 turns around the Earth

Were I a photon, the world would find me motionless as I would find it frozen.

Photon light speed frozen motionless photon’s perceive