2021 Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society (DPF21)

The structure of an electron and calculation the actual energy of that




Everything in the Universe has its own structure; every structure is in harmony with the others; solar system, Milky Way, black holes, other systems of star around, etc. Also, electron which is one of the main subatomic particles is no exception. We could find electron in two different states: ground or exited state. Regardless of how it gets excited, we realize that it wants to return to the ground state by the emission of a photon. Indeed, the excited electron is the birthplace of photon. Photons are generated by Electrons, and if we show that an Electron is also made of Photons; it would be obvious that Electron and the Photon have a common nature. In this paper, we are going to show that an electron is made of photons and we will explain how they gather together. By explaining the structure of the electron, we are going to calculate the energy of the electron. The energy of an electron is the summation of stored energy and kinetic energy which in the various applications of electrons, they show their special effect. Sometimes we perceive the stored energy, and sometimes the kinetic energy.
structure of an electron