2023 Annual Meeting of the APS Far West Section

The Possibility of Data Transmission, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands of Times of the Light Speed in the Universe


APS,USA San Diego, California


It should be noted that since the gravity extends throughout the whole universe and gravity between the suns and all objects in the universe is conceivable, so these force lines (gravitational fluxes) continue to the end of the universe. The gravitational fluxes pass through everything at the speed of light, they are invisible and the vertical effect along the flux is so strong and their flexibility in the perpendicular direction is very high. This means that it is inflexible in the direction of the line between the star and the planet but flexible in the perpendicular direction. If we modulate our date on these force lines with intended frequency, we can exchange the data with the speed of light or even tens, hundreds and thousands of times of the light speed. Because the fluxes, force lines, have the property of continuity, and in the whole system and galaxy, the fluxes are related to each other and all the planets and stars are immersed in these fluxes. So that a network structure can be imagined. As a result of this alive, continuous, and dynamic network, any planet can be a transmitter and another planet a receiver. In addition, a transmitter could be built on Earth that would emit these waves and cover the entire planet. It should be noted that the frequency is between stars and planets as well as planets and planets. So, they have a specific relative frequency to each other, which ranges from 1017 Hz to 1020 Hz. In this paper we are going to explain how we can use the gravitational lines for data transmission.
Light Speed