38th Jim Isenberg Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting

Gravitational frequency of stars with their planets and planets with other planets in the same system


USA, University of California, Davis


38th Jim Isenberg Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting
Usually, gravity is a topic related to stars, planets and their moons. In fact, gravity is the interaction between stars and their planets and also planets and their moons which move in specific orbit with a generally constant speed. It can be said that the relationship between a star and the surrounding planets is through gravitational waves or the force lines or the gravitational flux that separate from the star, enter the planet and return to the star. This cycle causes a permanent effect. It should be noted that the gravity between the planets of a system together and the planets with their moons is due to the gravitational waves of the stars. In this paper, we are going to explain the real structure of gravitational waves and then by using this structure we will calculate the gravitational frequency of the star-to-planet and the planets with each other in the same system. Our results show that the frequencies of the waves which leave the star, enter the planet of that star and return to the star again are between 1017 Hz - 1020 Hz .On the other hand, the waves that travel from planet to natural satellite or other planets and return to the planet again is lower than the frequency of the planet's main gravitational waves.
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