3rd International Conference and Expo on Condensed Matter Physics

The Proof of Nature of Dark Matter


Dubai, UAE


The Proof of Nature of Dark Matter

Big Bang's nucleosynthesis, the highly successful theory of the nuclear origin of the lightest elements in the periodic table, which show that there is only about 5% of the mass and energy in the world in the form of ordinary matter, the rest in an unknown form. Astronomers since 1930 have suspected that a dark component of matter, the matter that does not emit light or absorb it, is the most mass of the universe. The nature and properties of dark matter are still a burning issue in physics. Furthermore, there are many hypotheses and so-called theories about dark matter. In this paper we proof what dark matter really is.

The Proof of Nature of Dark Matter

Dark matter does not meet the definition of mass. For example, the mass occupies space, cannot goes through everything, etc. Scientists say that the dark matter is everywhere but we can't find it. Indeed, the definition of dark matter must be corrected. Actually there is no dark matter, but rather a Vivid Force which its gravitational effects appear in galaxies and galaxy clusters to hold their structures. Since dark matter effects exists everywhere but it cannot be seen, so it is a force and not a mass. We are going to explain the nature of that and the reason of why we call it the Vivid Force.


Prof. Gh. Saleh is an independent researcher and main theoretician of Saleh Research Group. He was educated at the Sharif University of Technology. He has published more than 23 articles in different fields such as:

1. New structure for Electron, Proton & Neutron

2. 3D motion of Photon and new energy equation for Photon

3. Describe the nature of superstring

4. New describe for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

5. New provement for speed faster than light speed

6. Provement of photon’s behavior as a particle and as a wave, anywhere, anytime, anyhow and participated in several conferences in Europe, America and Asia as an honorable speaker, organizing committee member, leadership, etc. More information: www.saleh-theory.com

Author: Gh Saleh.

Dubai, UAE