53rd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

The structure and shape of the Electron


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The structure and shape of the Electron

Normal matter is made of molecules, which are themselves made of atoms. Inside the atoms, there are electrons spinning around the nucleus. The nucleus itself is made of protons and neutrons. Even these particles which we called them subatomic particles are composite objects.

Examining the structure and shape of subatomic particles helps us a lot in recognizing these particles and using them. The electron is one of these particles which has always been studied by scientists. When an electron exited and regardless of how it gets excited, it wants to return to the ground state by the emission of a photon. Indeed, the excited electron is the birthplace of photon.

So, Photons are generated by electrons, and if we show that an electron is also made of photons; it would be obvious that electron and the Photon have a common nature. In this paper, we are going to show that an electron is made of photons and we will explain how they gather together.

Author: Gh Saleh.