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A New Structure for Nucleus of Elements that Could Explain the Radioactivity of Radioactive Elements


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A new structure for nucleus of elements that could explain the radioactivity of radioactive elements

Although in the helium nucleus, neutrons and protons are facing each other pairwise, but in terms of height, protons are lower than neutrons. This arrangement of neutrons and protons in the helium nucleus is a logical, balanced, symmetrical structure with sufficient stability for its nucleus. So, its structure could be explained.

In fact, each proton is absorbed by two neutrons and repulses by the facing proton. Or each proton is affected by three forces, which include two attractions and one repulsion force, and since the resultant of these forces is zero and it is enclosed between them, we could say that each proton is fixed at a specific point. So, the nucleus of atom will have long-term stability.

In this article we are going to offer a systematic structure for nucleus that could explain radioactivity of radioactive elements too.

Author: Gh Saleh.