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The New Structure for Black Holes and their Nature




The New Structure for Black Holes and their Nature

A black hole is an object in the Universe where gravity is so extreme which escaping from that is impossible. Most black holes have been discovered by using the effects of their gravitational fields, and scientists have so far been unable to provide a structure for black holes due to the inability of particles escaping from black holes.

In this paper, we are going to explain a logical structure for black holes that is consistent with the observations about them.

Knowing that the density of a black hole is high, we can conclude that in a black hole there is a compact set of protons and neutrons that it creates such a high density and taking into account that a black hole has a surrounding area and this area can be oceans of protons and neutrons. One can also imagine the black hole as an extremely large atom whose nucleus is made of protons and neutrons and an ocean of protons and neutrons and electrons revolving around it.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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