APS April Meeting 2021

Array of Uncommon/Unusual Subatomic Particles




Array of Uncommon/Unusual Subatomic Particles The smallest known primary building blocks of the physical universe and the interactions between them have been studied by Particle Physics. In studying of subatomic particles, the focus is on single particles or small groups of particles, not the billions of atoms or molecules which they made an entire universe. In Saleh Theory Photon is a particle with constant rest mass. It is the primary building blocks of electrons and protons and neutrons and therefore the physical universe. Photon is an object that is ejects from the stars at a very high speed and is scattered in the environment. Photons are usually separated from the stars lonely, but sometimes it would be separate in pairs, triples, multiples, and hundreds and thousands. Among a single photon, electron and large protons (thousands and millions of aggregated photons), there is a set of uncommon/unusual photons that do not have a specific shape or model, like interstellar objects between celestial objects, such as neutrinos, π mesons, etc. They usually have dozens of names, properties and symbols. In this article we have presented our study about different type of theses particles and their properties.