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Mathematical and physical explanation of the theory of everything




Mathematical and physical explanation of the theory of everything

Most of the physicists believe that we will reach a fantastic point in the history of science, if we have a single theory that will unite all of our science under one mathematical equation.

In this paper we are going to explain the theory of everything from a different perspective.

If we consider a System like our Solar System and look at the relation between the Sun and the Earth, we see that the Earth always revolves around the Sun in a closed circular path. Due to this stable structure, the following relations can be considered: “The kinetic energy = energy of Gravitational waves or Gravitational fluxes energy.”

Given that the visible light is actually the same as radiant energy, we can write “Radiant energy = Electromagnetic energy”

As the formula "EN = MC2" is valid in nuclear explosions and it means the total mass converts to photon particles, therefore we can assume that nuclear and radiation energy of photons is equal. So, “Nuclear energy = Radiation energy”

In fact, in light bulbs “Radiant energy = Electrical energy”

Therefore, it can be said that all energies are equal, equivalent and identical.

So with mathematical and physical methods, including calculating different type of energies, we have reached to a comprehensive equation for Theory of Everything.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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