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New Points about Time and Space




New Points about Time and Space

If we want to observe the concept of Time we would have to investigate it in an expanse of space where no object exists, i.e., in a vacuum. As there is no mass and no movement, we can say that time does not flow. But if there is a mass and it has changed, in other words, it has a process from the past to the future, the word Time can be used. So, in view of “Saleh Theory”, the “Principles of Time” are as follows:

1. Existence of mass

2. Displacement or changes of mass

3. Imagine the beginning for it, or in other word start

The “Distance” is an accessory parameter, like Time, and it has no essence. It has no influence on mass, neither decrease nor increases it. But mass, since it has essence and energy in it, its displacement creates a time and a “Distance”. For example, the Earth's turn around itself creates day and night, but these turn create no mass. In other words, speed definition is the ratio of displacement to time changes, which is correct statement but has no effect on mass. Because the ratio of an essence-less to another essence-less is essence-less.

Distance and time do not affect mass, but it is mass that affects distance and time. Therefore, the principle of survival of the universe is the existence of mass and its changes.

Author: Gh Saleh.

Time and Space