APS Far West Section Fall 2021 Meeting

Explanation of the nature of black hole and its possible creation ways




Since black holes were discovered, scientists have been searching for their structure and ways of creation. By knowing that the density of a black hole is extremely high, like protons (10\textasciicircum 18 kg/m3), we can conclude that in a black hole there is a compact set of protons and neutrons that could create such a high density. Taking into account that a black hole has a surrounding area we should imagine that this area could be like a oceans of electrons, protons and neutrons. One can also imagine the black hole as a extremely large atom whose nucleus is made of protons and neutrons and the electrons revolving around it are ocean of electrons, protons and neutrons. In this paper we are going to explain more about this structure and we will introduce three possible ways in which the black holes could be created.
nature of black hole