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Creating a gravity power plant by using gravitational turbines




Creating a gravity power plant by using gravitational turbines

The gravitational wave energy that passes the Earth's surface in one square meter is so large and so efficient. If it can be used, the affordable, clean, everlasting energy can be produced in everywhere and at any time.

There are different methods of using gravitational waves for energy generation:

First Method:

Create the right obstacle: By using metal alloys a plate can be created that the force lines be able to impulse these plates and generate the energy while passing, such as the wind that strikes turbines and sails.

Second Method:

Synchronizing the frequency with the force lines: According to the frequency range of gravitational waves, if we can design a device that oscillates or synchronizes with the gravitational lines and their oscillations when moving it can absorb energy and use it.

Third Method:

Production of gravitational network: Knowing that gravitational waves have a special solid lattice. If we can create a similar network that is excited by the gravitational wave as the network passes, it can absorb energy, and we can also generate energy.

In this paper, we are going to explain these methods.

Author: Gh Saleh.