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Discovering the True Nature of Forces and Energies (The Unity of All of Them)




Discovering the True Nature of Forces and Energies (The Unity of All of Them)

There are four fundamental forces that are shaping the universe that we live in it. In this paper we are going to show that the basis of them are photon

1. Gravitational force

If we want to imagine this force, we can say that the gravitational force is the same chained photons that are moving between two objects and it causes the effect between these two objects.

2. Magnetic force

If we intend to explain the structure of the magnetic force, we have to say that the magnetic force is the same invisible chained photons that go from pole N to S.

3. Coulomb force

The electrons are made up of photons, it can be said that this source of charge is the same photons that make up electrons. Considering that charge is the number of electrons, and the electrons are composed of photons, then it can be said that the electric charge force is the same effect of the displacement of photons.

4. Nuclear force

According to what has already been said about the structure of the nucleus, the nucleus is composed of neutrons and protons that are arranged in a special way next to each other by the Coulomb force. It is clear that the nuclear force (weak and strong) is the same Coulomb force between neutrons and protons of the nucleus, which are rotating at a speed near to the speed of light, and these neutrons and protons themselves are also composed of photons.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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