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A new explanation for universe structure




A new explanation for universe structure

The whole universe is made up of particles. From the smallest particles to the largest one (photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, etc.) all have structures. These structures are usually so strong that they cannot be easily changed.

Just as the microscopic world, with all its smallness, has a strong, orderly, designed, and interesting structure, so does the macroscopic world, which begins with the smallest of them, the rotation of a natural satellite around a planet (No. 1), and gradually grows:

1. Planets and natural satellites:

In our macroscopic world, the smallest structure starts from the rotation of the natural satellites around a planet.

2. Solar systems:

The second stage of this structure concerns the planets that orbit the central sun with their natural satellites. Like our solar system

3. Galaxies:

At this stage, the structure is such that the suns (along with their planets and natural satellites) revolve around an extremely large star (black hole).

4. Super cluster:

The cluster is an incomplete structure and cannot be named a stage of structures. Therefore, we introduce the Super cluster as the next stage of the galaxy. Where a very large galaxy or mother galaxy (mother galaxies are very large and very round) is in the center and the other galaxies revolve around it.

5. Atlas:

At this stage a large super cluster is at the center and other super clusters revolve around it.

6. Universe:

This is the famous universe created from the set of rotational Atlas but without central mass. In fact, we can say:

Universe = Atlas1 + Atlas2 + Atlas3 + ...

7. Multiverse:

This stage is non-rotating stage and only applies to a set of relatively close Universes.

Multiverse = Universe1+ Universe2+ Universe3 + ...

8. Cidverse:

This is the last stage of the structure of our world. At this stage, several multiverses are around a hypothetical sphere and form the largest set .

In this article we are going to explain more about these 8 stages.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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