International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics

Proof of the speed of faster than light in the universe and Clarifying the nature of supersymmetric strings


Barcelona, Spain


In the past years, the scientists work on the “sound barrier” up until the barrier was broken. But is it possible the speed of light barrier to break? When scientists developed the theory of light back in the 19th century, their theory seemed to show that every observer should measure the same speed for light and there is no way to travel faster than light. But in this paper we are going to study the speed of the astronomical objects at the hypothetical edges of the Universe by 3 methods and we will show that we could find out that the speed of celestial objects at the edges of the Universe is billions of times greater than the speed of light. The other topic that we study in this paper is about the superstring theory and the nature of supersymmetric strings. Superstring theory tries to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in a one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings. If we look at the internal motion of the photon, we will find out that the photon in its tiny motions, builds supersymmetric strings. In fact, Superstring is another name for vibrating and rotating photon. In other words, the supersymmetric strings are photons without C velocity.
Superstring Theory Photon Motion 11 Dimensions Faster than Light Theory of relativity Light