The 70th JSAP Spring Meeting 2023

Design and Manufacture of Anti-Gravity Plates


Japan , Yotsuya campus


Design and Manufacture of Anti-Gravity Plates

As is well known, the flow of electrons or, in other words, the electric current can create magnetic fields in the solenoid. Magnetic fields can cause electrons to flow through solenoid and produce electric current too. If the electric current reaches a specific value, a magnetic field could be created. Indeed, the magnetic and electric fields have the homogeneity properties of energy.

Based on Saleh Theory magnetic waves have frequency in rang of 1016 Hz and gravity in range of 1018 Hz

Considering the chained structure of both magnetic and gravitational waves, if we can change the frequency of magnetic waves and increase it to about 1018 Hz (approximately 100 times), we can say that we have created artificial gravitational waves; Waves that have the ability to overcome gravity.

According to the relationship mentioned in the article If we increase the electric current 10 times, the frequency increases a hundred times. In this paper, by using this artificial AntiGravity we have provided a structure for making anti-gravity plates.

Author: Gh Saleh.