The 83rd JASP Autumn Meeting 2022

Up-Photon (From Photons to Electrons)


Kawauchi-Kita Campus, Japan


Up-Photon (From Photons to Electrons)

If we look at Mendeleev's periodic table, we see that the first element is Hydrogen, which can we call it "the mother of all elements", and the other elements are obtained by the combination of Hydrogens. Subatomic particles can be considered that, like Mendeleev's periodic table, can have a special table.

Based on Saleh Theory the photon is the basis of the universe and every structure is made up of photons. In fact, all the particles smaller than the proton and electron are made up of multiple combinations of photons which have their own specific structure.

For example, a neutrino, or gravity, is made up of photons which separated from the stars by the effect of the planets, so that their external motion is intertwined in their internal motion or its superstring state, and form the long continuous series of photons.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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