The 84th Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Autumn Meeting 2023

New description for the nature of neutrinos




Scientists, based on their several years experience and after vast investigations, have found these results about neutrinos: 1. Neutrinos are produced by stars and emitted in all directions. 2. Neutrinos have a very small and non-zero rest mass. 3. Neutrinos have no electric charge. 4. Neutrinos travel at a speed close to the speed of light. 5. Neutrinos have very low reactivity, so they can pass through matters easily and almost nothing can stop them. 6. Neutrinos are not affected by the magnetic fields directly and easily pass through the strong magnetic fields without any effects. 7. Neutrinos enter the Earth from one side and exit from the opposite side without the slightest barrier. 8. Neutrinos pass through a square centimeter of the Earth at about "10 to the power of 10" per second. 9. Neutrinos can be detected by detectors that are located deep underground. 10. Neutrinos are the most unachievable fundamental particles in the universe. Considering the above characteristics and and some other results and comparing them with the features of gravitational waves we will introduce a candidate for neutrino.
nature of neutrinos