APS March Meeting 2024

New Explanation for the Source of Gravity and Its Fluxes




New Explanation for the Source of Gravity and Its Fluxes

Gravity is one of the largest, most important, energetic, and influential forces in the universe. To understand its basis and nature, it is better to calculate its frequency.

The relation between the energy of a planet and electromagnetic waves can be achieve and by using that the gravitational frequency will be find.

Based on the calculations and obtained frequencies for gravitational fluxes, it can be deduced that the frequency of gravitational fluxes is lower than gamma rays and higher than X-ray waves. Therefore, it can be said that anything that is the source of X-rays and gamma rays, can also be an intrinsic source of gravitational waves. If we observe carefully, we can see that the natural sources of X-rays are very large stars, black holes, magnetars, supernova explosions, and neutron stars. Also the source of gamma rays is magnetars, active galactic nuclei, black holes, etc.

In the electromagnetic wave range, after the magnetic wave's range, there are X-rays. Very large stars and black holes are the sources of X-ray generation. We cannot find a planet that has the capability of producing these waves. Also after X-rays, we can consider gravity and gamma rays, which their sources can be just considered as stars, supernovae, magnetars, white dwarfs, black holes, etc.

Author: Gh Saleh.

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